WordPress Updated 4.9 Released

February 7, 2018

What’s New

It is party time. WordPress 4.9 bring new updates. The hard working volunteers and teams of WordPress has released another version of WordPress. Within this release comes several updates to the Customizer’s workflow. These updates improves collaboration for content creators. Also there have been changes that are beneficial to coders or more advanced users of WordPress. Some of the changes include code syntax highlighting and error checking will make for a cool and easy site building experience. Also new widgets have been enabled.

Improved Customizer Workflow

  • Draft and Schedule Site Design Customization Scheduled Post Screen

With the new Customizer you can schedule when modifications are published. You can also save changes as a draft.

  • Collaborate with Design Preview Links

Collaborate design is very important when designing websites for collects. With the new Customizer you can send a link to your Draft Website before it is pushed live so it can be approved by your client.

  • Design Locking

Allows you to work safely with two designers. One designer is not allowed to overwrite changes to a post draft.

  • Protect Your Work

There is a new feature so that if you walk away from your PC, when you come back it will prompt you to save the post as a draft if you have not saved it in a while.

Coding Enhancements

  • Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking

Syntax highlighting is now availible in CSS and code windows.

  • Code Sandbox

Now if you make code changes that are unsafe WordPress will warn you that the changes are unsafe and may lead to a “White Screen of Death”.

  • Warning of Potential Danger

If you make Theme or Plugin changes then you will also be warned of potential problems.

Widget Updates

  • Gallery Widget
  • New Add Media in Text Box

Site Building

  • Theme Switching

Better Theme Switching capabilities. Now widgets and menus stay where they are suppose to better between different themes as you switch.

  • Find and Preview Theme
  • Better Menu Customization

Developer Stuff (Site Owners can stop reading.)

  • Customizer JS API Improvements
  • CodeMirror
  • MediaElement.js Upgraded to 4.2.6
  • Roles and Capabilities Improvements


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