What is a Keyword Research Strategy and What are the Benefits

Keyword research is the practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find different words and alternative words that would be beneficial to rank higher within the Search Engines.

When you effectively use keyword research tools such as, The Keyword Research Planner, you can determine a popular and profitable niche to find related markets and rank well in search engines. You end up using your marketing dollars more effectively.

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Keyword Research Increases Your Visibility


With keyword research you are better able to determine that topic you need to write about. When you have your keywords you are also able to develop a content marketing strategy. With a content strategy you are able to organize when your content goes out and where it needs to go. You can find out more about this by reading my Content Marketing Tips article. Keyword research is also a way to discover what other articles and topics you can write about. I look at keyword research as a way of brainstorming. 

Find Your Keywords

Best Practices for Keyword Research

You are looking for keywords that are low-medium competition and a high Avg monthly search volume because that means that you have an easy chance at ranking for those keywords over time. 

Once you discover some keywords that you want to focus your articles or content on then be sure to search for those keywords in Google to see what people are writing about. This is a good way to get a clue on how to structure your headings and possible get additional opportunity to explore the structure of your content. 

Also you can check the bottom of the Google results page because that provides a list of additional search terms to look at. 

You can use a tool like Google Trends or BuzzSumo. These tools will give you Social Proof on what topics are trending by providing what are being shared on social media more. 

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