Tips to Maximum Chromebook Productivity

Chromebook Productivity Tips

Tips to Navigate  The Chrome OS Launcher: the app-drawer-like interface that appears when you tap the Search key or hit the circle icon in the lower-left corner of the screen is a powerful search tool. Just start typing and you can find apps and open them or find documents that is on the PC. Power Tip: UQuickly … Read moreTips to Maximum Chromebook Productivity

Getting Down to Work With Gutenberg

Blocks are the useful way of building website posts.  Adding Blocks to Gutenberg Gutenberg actually includes a ton of different blocks, divided into different sections: Adding Blocks to Gutenberg At the top, you see a list of your Most Used blocks. But if you scroll down you’ll also see sections for Common Blocks, Formatting, Layout … Read moreGetting Down to Work With Gutenberg

Developing Websites Professionally With a Chromebook

Chromebook Development

I would like to share my experience developing websites on a Chromebook. I am currently using a Samsung Chromebook Plus around February 2017. This is a powerful little machine from Samsung. The reason I bought it was to see if I could use it as a development machine for website design and development. Most of … Read moreDeveloping Websites Professionally With a Chromebook