Tips to Host Your Website

Bring your website into focus

I’ve been having issues recently with clients coming to me with website design and development needs, and they had their site hosted by their old designer. They have a fall out and leave the previous web developer or the designer leaves the owner of the website. The client comes to me, and asks me to […]

Computers Are Bad For Your Eyes

Monitor Eye Strain

As someone that works over 12 hours a day on the computer, and staring at a monitor or screen I know how bad a monitor is for my eyes. Monitors emits Ultraviolet Light, which is not good for your eyes. One of the condition that it causes is known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Symptoms […]

Content Marketing Tips: Using Photos

Photo Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing Tips: Photos are IMPORTANT!! Photos need to be included in all content marketing strategy. No matter if you are posting Blog Posts or if you are posting on Social Media. Even if you are not a photographer I hope to show you where you can get high quality photos and how to improve […]