Website Management

Where do you turn to when you have a website that is getting old? Has the original web developer left your company and you do not know how to update your website? Do you have a website that just need to be maintained?

If you answered YES! to any of those questions then that is when you need to contact us for your website maintenance needs.

Choose your backup and restore process

We are set up to manage your backup of your website. Lance Howell Web Development backs up your website to both a local backup and a cloud backup. We will also recommend a Backup and Restoration Plan. 

Backups are usually overlooked when creating a website, until you need it then 

We offer services that are normally a per hour charge, but when you have a Managed Maintenance Plan then you get the services on an emergency basis depending on the right Maintenance Plan that you require. 

Increase your Search Engine Optimization Rankings

We will manage your Search Engine and Social Media Marketing.