Website SEO Tips for Managers

February 6, 2018

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Website SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is hard and it is a complicated process. But I will sure a few tips that anyone can do to help better improve their Google Rankings and will help being discovered online through search engines no matter if it is Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, AOL or any other lesser known search tools. These tips will help you no matter if you are a web developer, manager, or business owner. Everyone in the business or organization should know how to better optimize their website.
I will from time to time give a lot of SEO advice to different types of audiences, but one thing about Search Engine Optimization is that it takes time to change your position on Google. So you have to be patient and consistent. Continue writing and add value to your web presence. Those two things will do more for your web rankings than anything else. I plan on teaching you how to add the value that you are able to change, and why you should make those changes.

Search Engine Tips

  1. Mobile-first Indexing Focus: Google has declared that mobile is very important to search. You need to make sure when you do your testing to make sure your website looks good on a mobile platform. So when you write up your website specs make sure that your website is mobile friendly, and options are easy to tap with your finger.
  2. Content is king: This includes written word and videos or pictures. Video is being integrated into all search results, so if you don’t have a video marketing strategy I would suggest that you start one. In my opinion the reason video is so important with Search Engine rankings is because most videos show up great on a mobile device. It is just another type of content to get your message out to the public and to your audience. You can do some amazing things with videos these days.
  3. Voice Search: Google is all in on machine learning and voice search. It is still early but everyone can start to use it and get ahead. Keyword research should start to be more voice search centric and more relevant to voice searches. With voice, the intent of your searches are clearer than typing. Be relevant, helpful, and tie yourself into what customers may want.
  4. Linking Structure: Make sure you have a clear linking structure within your website. Internally linking within your body copy will allow Google to navigate your website better than just having links in your header or footer section of your website.
  5. Website Security: Make sure your website is secure with HTTPS. As of October 2017 Google is really looking at website security and if it does not have the SSL Certificate on your website it will not rank as high. The good news is that with the announcement of the new change in Google ranking policy most web hosts provide Free SSL certificates as part of their package. If your host does not offer an SSL certificate then I would consider the value the host is providing, and whether it would be beneficial to switch providers or not.
  6. Website Speed: Keep site speed to 2-3 seconds at the most. There are several good website page speed testers out there.
  7. FaceBook Live: If you are a local business you may want to consider FaceBook Live posts so your video will show up if someone is searching for your business especially if you get a lot of customer interaction within FaceBook.
  8. Duplicate Content: Clean up duplicate content that’s hosted internally or externally. If you have duplicate content on other sites, email the webmaster to have it removed or add it to your disavow file within Google Analytics.
  9. Customer Citations: Customer reviews and comments are also becoming importing. Ask your customers for reviews.
  10. Old Content Still Good: If old content is still driving traffic to your site then consider writing content that is similar to the old content or consider updating the content with new information. This keeps your website fresh and relevant.
  11. H1 Tags: One page should have only one H1 tag.
  12. ALT Attributes: Don’t forget to add an image ALT attribute before posting. Try to include relevant keyword phrases.
  13. Call-to-Actions: Personalize your call-to-actions based on a referral.

I think that will be enough to get you started on your Search Engine Optimization journey.]]>

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