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December 21, 2018

Pre-Launch Product

This is my check list with what I try to do before launching a website or a digital product. Most of the items on the checklist will also apply to physical products. This is where you will make an early announcement, and you will create a buzz around your product. 
Check List

  • Create a product landing page. 
  • Collect E-Mails and Contact Information Through Your Mailing List.
  • Build Your Branding Strategy. 
  • E-Mail Your Pre-Launch List Regular to Remind Them that You Are Launching Soon. 
  • Create Content (Videos or Blog Posts part of the content marketing strategy)
  • Develop Your Press Releases.
  • Develop Your Marketing Strategy that you are doing throughout the life of the product.
  • Give Review Products or People that can test the product and get feedback and testimonials.
  • Plan a One-Time Offer (OTO). 


The Power of the ASK: Ask people to share or post links to your website or Product Launch

Marketing Product

When you plan to launch a new product or service you need to think how you are going to market your new offering. 
You need to find out if your solution solves a problem that exists, and also if your current customers are experiencing the same pain points. It is easier to market new products to customers that you may already have. 
Some ways to determine if your product is something that others will want is to:

  • Explainer Video
  • Do a pre-sale or discount the first 100 customers or however many you want.
  • Ask for feedback from your customers or beta testers. 
  • Use Social Media and your Networks to gain incite into what are useful features to include.
  • Discover your competition. 

And you have to remember that your marketing is not a one time event. Your marketing efforts will be done throughout the lifetime of the company and your products.  You don’t want to forget your current customer base. Ask them what troubles are they having in their business, and maybe you can help solve them with a new product. Be sure to use them if it fits into their business as a focus group or beta testing.

Launch Product

Now that you know you have a market for your product it is time to sit back and release your product and watch the customers come in. Wrong!

 When you get ready to launch your product you should be able to take your data research from your pre-launch and Marketing and be able to go to where your customers are and be able to provide the product to people who are ready to buy. You will know who your competitors are both in director competition and indirect through your Marketing efforts and this will help you decide if your product may also line up with your competition and you could work out a partnership with those companies and maybe gain some customers that way. Utilize your social presence when you get ready to release the final product. Use your personal and business connections and ask them to share a link to a post about your Product Launch and even your website. 

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