Nicole’s House Northwest Arkansas

Nicole's House

About Business

Nicole’s House is a transitional housing shelter for women that are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. The shelter is a Non-Profit shelter that takes in women that apply and they want to get away from using drugs and become a better member of society.

Services We Provided

  • Website Redesign
  • Website Management
  • Image Optimization and Organization
  • Website Hosting

Detail Information

The client came to me after I worked on a previous site of hers. She wanted me to take over the website from the previous website developer. The client did not know how to access the website, so in the meantime I continued to work on the website. I developed the website and showed it to the client. She liked it, and thought it was easy to use and looked more modern and exciting than the plain website that she had previously.

My goal was to show the women that stay in the shelter, and show them working the program. Also the shelter is involved in several different projects, and my goal was to provide enough pictures to show the actives.