WordPress 5.3 Improves Block Editor

News Published: November 12, 2019

WordPress 5.3 “Kirk”, was released Tuesday November 12, 2019. This release focuses on improving the user experience when it comes to writing blog posts. It includes improvement and stability to the block editor, expanding design flexibility, a new WordPress Theme that utilizes and showcases some of the included features. Some of the additional improvements include improved Site Health Checks, admin email verification and several developer improvements behind the scenes. You can download the new release from WordPress.org.

I have been using WordPress 5.3 for over a week testing and in production, and I am very pleased with the new released. They have added and changed some of the included blocks, so I am happy they are keeping updating the new editor.

Accessibility Improvements

A major focus was given to making the Block Editor more accessible which it wasn’t as accessible as it should have been before. Some of the fixes include fixes to color contrast on forms and buttons to make the editor and admin interfaces easier to read. The block editor now has a Navigation made that lets you jump directly from block to block using a keyboard.

The new Grop block lets you divide your page into colorful sections. The Columns block now supports fixed column widths.