Advanced Custom Fields released 5.8

News Published: May 9, 2019

If you have Advanced Custom Fields Pro and you update to version 5.8.0 then you will have a major new feature. The ability to create your own custom Gutenberg Blocks using ACF. It allows you to add template files to your themes so you can customize your own blocks, and make blocks act the way you want them too. ACF Pro is getting so good and advanced. You can do just about anything with ACF. The only limitation is your imagination.

…This framework aims to radically change the perception of block development in Gutenberg by reducing learning time, hurdles, environment setup and JavaScript knowledge to an absolute minimum.

Elliot Condon– ACF 5.8.0 Release- PHP Blocks for Gutenberg

The new release aims to bring blocks to everyone with minimum barrier of entry. It only requires the developer to know PHP without worrying about the JavaScript. And you use simple templating such as how you would write a theme. The ACF Blocks offers the full use of all of ACF’s field types including Repeater and the clone fields.

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