Content Marketing Tips: Using Photos

April 15, 2019

Content Marketing Tips: Photos are IMPORTANT!!

Photos need to be included in all content marketing strategy. No matter if you are posting Blog Posts or if you are posting on Social Media. Even if you are not a photographer I hope to show you where you can get high quality photos and how to improve your photos. if you do enjoy taking pictures. It is sometimes more important what you show people than what you say about the topic. Especially if it is a long article and the reader is just scanning for a specific topic within your article.

Photos and videos make an article or website content more exciting and interesting to the visitors. It also breaks up your content and provide your eyes a little rest from reading texts.

Photos Used in Content Marketing

Places to Get Your Photos

There are some great places on the internet to get photos for people that do not know how to take photos, or don’t want to take the time to set-up your shot. You have two option you can either buy photos or you can use photos for free under creative commons license.

Paid For Photos

Creative Commons Photos

The one place you should not take photos from is from Google images because it may not have the proper license for you to use. And it is may difficult for you to get the license to use it. And if you are found out to be using the photos without the proper license then it is not legal to use on your website.

Using Your Own Photos

Photo Content Marketing Tips

Taking your own photos, you do not have to worry about licensing issues because you own the license because you shot the photos. It is easier to get into photography these days. You can find cameras that are good for a reasonable price, less than $500, for a basic camera. Even most modern cell phones shoot amazing photos. However, you can always move up from that as your photography skills improve depending on what type of photo you are trying to shoot. You just have to practice. The only way to get better is by taking photos. Familiarize yourself with your camera. Look for metaphors in the everyday objects that you see to try to match the message of your company or the message you are trying to communicate. Such as bridging the gap in technology generations. You could take a picture of a bridge during sunset.

Creative Photo Ideas

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Production Line
  • Staff
  • Product Sketches
  • Make it Personal
  • Casual Acceptable
  • Connect with Your Customer

Customers and potential customers enjoy reading and seeing behind the scenes content of either you at work, or office parties or even developing products. I enjoy the extra content found on DVDs of how they make the film, and this is what that is. It is the extra content that you do not have to provide, but you do because you enjoy providing the people that sees your content with a little glimpse in what it takes to make your product. It puts a human touch on your content and your company. You are a real person.

Team Member Standing in office
“Hi I love being a member of the company.”

You can also highlight staff members in a employee of the month on your website. You can also have a page maybe devoted to a member of your team. I hate seeing a website with a team or company’s about page with a list of their staff but you do not have any information about them, or links to their profiles to get in contact with them. If the site is lucky they will have pictures, but nothing else. It makes your employees feel appreciated and it also gives your customers another option to get in touch with you and an opportunity to make a sale.

The best type of website is one that your visitors really get to know the people. It is said that sales are down with people you know. So try to use simple words without jargon unless you explain what it means.

Your photos or videos should be able to connect with your customer. Have plenty of pictures on how to use your product. Write blog posts from a list of common questions that you have been getting from your support calls or inform others why your product or service is needed and how you can improve your visitors’ experience by going with you over competitors.

Social Media

Pictures are great to place on your Social Media feeds. Don’t forget to take photos of events to post on social media and on Instagram. Tag your photos with categories or with hashtags. When you place interesting photos and posting on social media it allows your visitors to feel more connected to you and your company. It allows you to seem more human.

Which Social Media?

There are hundreds of different social networks that you could join. Which social media group should you spend time promoting or filling up with your content marketing efforts? This is difficult to answer without knowing about your business and what you want to achieve.

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