Introduction to Pixlr Graphic Design

October 24, 2018

Pixlr is a cool feature full online graphics editor. It fits in with my Cloud Based Website Development. Pixlr is similar to Photoshop, but it works very well with Chromebooks. You are able to resize graphics and edit backgrounds. All the things that make it easy to edit blog post graphics or thumbnail images to be placed into your posts or pages which will allow you to make your pages load faster because you can also compress image files before you upload to your web server. You can use other plug -ins to compress your images, but sometimes those plug-ins will not compress the files as small as they could become. My recommendation is to use Pixlr to edit files and get the right size for the place you want to load it into the page. I then suggest using a program like or Compressnow. These are websites that you can use for free on a limited number of files at a time.  That is a good solution to compress your images and it also helps to increase page speed. Pixlr Graphic Editor Logo

Getting Started with Pixlr

To get started you can either attach Pixlr to your Google Drive account. There is an add-on so your pictures will automatically save within your Google Drive Folders. That way you do not have to worry about where the pictures are. When you open up the Pixlr application either by the web application or through the Google Drive add-on.  Simply go to New–> More–>Connect More Apps. Then search for Pixlr Editor. 

Simple Steps with Pixlr

  • Go to to open up Pixlr Editor directly. 
  • Next you need to select a photo upload option. Create a New Image, Open Image from the Computer, Open Image From URL, and Open Image from Library. 
  • There are several different tabs to explore and be creative. This is very similarly to PhotoShop.
    • File
    • Edit
    • Image
    • Layer
    • Adjustment
    • Filter
    • View
    • Language
    • Help
You do not need to open an image on your computer. You can import the image using Open Image From URL which is pretty coolPixlr Opening Screen
Pixlr Layer Options
Pixlr Layer Options
Also with Pixlr you can utilize layers so you can better organize your work. And working with layers allows you to be more creative by letting you do effects to specific layers instead of the whole image. ]]>

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