Happy New Year

February 9, 2018

Happy 2018!!! I hope 2018 has been good so far. I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you some of the plans for 2018 that I am going to be doing in the upcoming year.

  • I will be publishing a newsletter of stories that I find interesting concerning Technology and the Internet. So feel free to go ahead and sign up for my Tech News E-Mail List. You will get a pop-up sign-up form to fill out and be included on the list to get you notified. The list will come out once a week, and it will provide links to my website with my comments on the news story.
  • I also plan on publishing an “Ask the Techie” web series and podcasts, so check that out, and you can also start sending in questions to me. I plan on having my first episode in the middle of January.
  • I also plan on giving away a website design and development project to 3 Non-Profit organizations that either does not have a website, or they need a website redesign. The only cost to the organization is that they will have to pay for hosting costs. More information will come about that later this year.
  • I will be doing more Blog content in 2018.

The major focus of the year 2018 will be on growth of my content, and sharing tips and information with my readers.