Non-Profit Website Design Give-A-Way

We are giving away a website
Contest has Expired. But if you are interested in a Website created for a reasonable price. Check out https://www.lancehowell.comThank you, Lance

With your own website you would be able to 

Making Non-Profits Run Better

Would you like to have an attention grabbing website for your non-profit organization? Check out this contest!!!

Website Demo
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Rules of Give-A-Way

  1. Give-A-Way is simple.
  2. Click on the Register for Contest button. 
  3. At the end of the give-a-way everyone that entered the competition will be put into a bucket and the winner will be chosen randomly. 
  4. The winner will be responsible for buying the web hosting plan if they do not have one currently.
  5. Lance Howell Web Development will be responsible for developing website with the winners input, and we will provide maintenance for 1 year. 

Past Winners

Who will be the first winner of the give-a-way.