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July 10, 2018

keyword research you are better able to determine that topic you need to write about. When you have your keywords you are also able to develop a content marketing strategy. With a content strategy you are able to organize when your content goes out and where it needs to go.

… you may get discouraged, but keep it up. It will get easier as you produce more and more content.

Content Marketing Circle

There is a concept called the Content Marketing Circle. The concept is shown in the graphic. You start by Creating the content. This can be a rough draft and then you try to optimize the content using keywords, links, and all the SEO best practices that I have mentioned in several articles. You then publish the article and other content. Once it is published then you can promote the article. This also can include repurposing the content through other forms of media such as videos, infographics, courses, e-mail list content, and social media. When you repurpose the material for other use then you get a chance to build more of an authoritative tone to your content. You become the expert in your field. You then need to measure how your content is doing. It is good to do A/B testing on your posts. Sometimes one topic does well while others do not. Why? It could be the time of day you are posting, it could be the topic itself, or you may be posting on something that is not relevant anymore. That is what A/B testing will show you it will give you a big picture, and over time you will begin to see a pattern of your content. Let your content speak for itself. Your content will be linked to other related information on the web if it has value. Take those links and also link to other documents that are related to your content. You will then gather search engine data from your content to find out how your content is ranking on Google. Depending on how much work you have put into your content and the promotion of your content this will determine how well your content ranks. Once you have been writing awhile you will find it easier to get traffic from Google. And once your content is discovered then others will think your article is worth linking to and posting on their social media. Once this happens then you can start over again. And create more content. It is hard to publish content regularly and you may get discouraged, but keep it up. It will get easier as you produce more and more content. You will also work out a process for writing or producing your content that will speed up. You will also find you are working on 3-4 projects at a time. When you get to a point you can’t think of what to do stop and work on something else. Content Marketing Circle

Re-purposing Content

Re-purposing content is a great way to deliver your content in different ways. Everyone learns differently, so no two methods of content delivery will work with everyone. Some people are visual learners so videos will work good, some people are audio learners, so podcasts would be a good source for those people. Some are learn best when they read information and see pretty images. Also some content is better delivered in one from or a couple of forms better than others. And the author may be a talker or may enjoy and be a fantastic speaker, so in that case the primary way to deliver the content for that type of author may be through a podcast or video. Some people may enjoy writing short bursts of content and sure small chunks of information. That is a very acceptable form of content delivery especially if you link back to a bigger more thought provoking insight.

Set a Content Creation Schedule

Be sure you schedule your content production schedule, and keep it consistent. One thing that I do is schedule my time on my calendar. I also get somewhere that I will not be disturbed to do my brainstorming on ideas, and research. I do it the same day of the week. I then try to do all the work I am able to do that I can on that topic. If I come to a point that I cannot think of anything else to write or create I change to another topic. It is not uncommon that I have 3-4 articles or a video or some other content waiting to be finished. Once you have finished your content you need to publish it. I try to have 4-5 articles in the queue at a time. These are ready to be published and after you have discovered through some content A/B testing the best time to send out the article then you can use a program like HootSuite or Buffer to send out your content. There are several other good content marketing programs out there that you can use so just explore.


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