Communication of the Internet

February 15, 2018

Communication For Today One of the best forms of communication is videos. YouTube and Facebook Live has changed the landscape for communications. It doesn’t matter if it is a video for fun or a serious communication message that you are trying to get across. If you have a quick message to get out Facebook Live is a wonderful way to communicate, and both ways you do not have to have a lot to start broadcasting your life. 🙂 Another way to communicate especially if you are a photography is through Instagram. You are able to tell stories through pictures and they are even turning those photos into stories. Instagram Stories, lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story. For those that are writers I would recommend a long form of communication such as blogging especially if you want to develop a series. Another good use of blogs that I don’t see very often is using a blog as the basis for a book. If you have a blog series why don’t you use that as the basis for a book.]]>

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