What does the Future look like?

Websites are changing in 2018. Designers and website development is all about being module and designed so that parts can be changed without a lot of work being done to make that happen.

Why is this change taking place? Some people think it is because of companies like Wix or SquareSpace. These companies bring web development to the normal people. They are designed for site owners, who do not have the technical knowledge of web development, to design a basic website. 

With the new version of Gutenberg they are changing editing website to more of a drag and drop editor. Having more of a block type layout and writing design. 

Reimagining WordPress Website Designs

Gutenberg is the new editor for blogs and pages within WordPress. Gutenberg is designed for writers and designers. It makes their job easier without going into the code to design their posts and pages. It has a distraction free writing environment. This type of environment provides a cleaner interface. You can focus on writing and adding pictures.

In Gutenberg everything is written as blocks. There are paragraph blocks, image blocks, shortcode blocks, video blocks, and several other blocks. Allowing the block structure it makes it easier to rearrange the document. You can also insert blocks within blocks. 

You have the ability to copy and paste from one source to another document. The pasted document puts its formatting into different blocks.  In the past you used to run into formatting issues if you wrote the content in a word processing program. No you do not get as many funny looking characters. 

Past Presentations

Gutenberg Talk

June 23, 2018 Northwest Arkansas Fayetteville I will be explaining what Gutenberg is, and giving some demonstrations on how it will change writing Blog pages …

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Gutenberg Blocks

There are already hundreds extensions to Gutenberg that adds additional blocks that your developer can add. Just check the plug-in directory and search for Gutenberg Blocks. Some are good and some are not as good. The extra blocks adds additional functionality to your website. It is sort of like widgets. So much effort is being put into the new Block approach, that it seems like eventually WordPress will phase out the whole Widget concept. 

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Is Gutenberg Good for Web Development

I think Gutenberg is a good step for website development. It gives the whole site creation a modern process. Writing for the web is not like writing a paper. You can add so much interaction and creativity to website creation. It is a different mindset. 


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