Blogging with Purpose

February 11, 2018

Having a Purpose

Having a purpose for your writings is important. You have to find your voice when you are writing or being creative. What are you trying to say? It is very important especially in the online world. You have to learn how to narrow your focus. Discover what you want to say, and know why you want to talk about it. Are you trying to teach or explain something, or offer advice?
Purpose driven writing is different than non-fiction or fiction writing. All three involve storytelling, but Purpose Driven is also writing about something that matters not only to the writer but to the reader. You write with the audience in mind. 

Find Your Niche

Do your research? Speak what is on your mind. If you are able to find a niche then you can be an expert in that topic, and people will come to your website and Blog to read what you have to say. Be the best you can be on a topic you know a lot about.
Once you find what you want to talk about then start writing about it or making video about it, or record audio about the subject. A blog doesn’t have to contain written words. In fact the most successful Blogs contain a mixture of audio, video, graphics and text. You just have to start a schedule and stick to it as close as possible.
Some people have a hard time keeping a schedule that is why you keep it simple.]]>

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