Best Practices for Pop-Ups

August 16, 2018

Best Practices for Pop-Ups

August 16, 2018

Pop-Ups DO NOT Work!!!

Pop-Ups do not work half of the time since they are designed badly and are confusing to some of the people that use them. Also pop-ups are used at the wrong time or the wrong type of pop-up is used on the website. I will explain some of the different types of Pop-Ups you can use and when to use them and when not to use them. I will also give you Good and Bad tips when it comes to your Pop-Up designs. 

Exit Pop-Ups are a great tool for offering visitors the opportunity to stay on your site without bouncing off to somewhere else. You can offer your visitors’ a discount on a product or offer them a service or give them something of value if they are willing to give you their email address. Because email addresses are very valuable. Make the language simple and make them know you value their time and you value them as a visitor and potential customer. 

Offering free stuff is great you can offer free shipping or a discount if they buy a certain amount of your products. I shop around for websites that offer free shipping. (Even if I have to spend more on the item if they offer FREE SHIPPING then they will have a customer for life.) That is how Amazon got so big and popular. 

Another use of pop-ups is as a show case of your latest offerings or your latest sale or special that you are running but may not be apparent just by looking at your website without offering a pop-up. You don’t even have to collect information. Your call to action or CTA could be a link to the page that offers your deal. This type of pop-ups gives you some authority of knowledge about your products or services. 

Pop-Ups DO NOT WORK!!!

Using Pop-Ups for Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart abandonment is a big issue with e-commerce websites. Pop-Ups can help with these issues. Most of the reason customers leave a shopping cart is because the total price is too much so why not offer them a little discount to help them decide to buy their items. The customer has shown interest in your products so you have gotten the hard part behind you. Just give them a little more to make the scales tip to a sale. 

Another reason the customer may leave is that you have made your checkout page complicated, and it is hard to checkout, you ask too many questions. You have to figure a way to clean up your checkout page, and make it simple. (Which is not what this post is about.) You do not want to give the customer too many options at the checkout page. Don’t give them a reason to leave if you can control it. 

Examples of Pop-Ups

Good Pop-Ups
Bad Pop-Ups
  • Simple Pop-ups. Collect as little information as possible. 
  • Capture Email Addresses Using Incentives: Must have clear branding, and beautiful photography. Simply marketing copy.
  • Contest Pop-Ups:  Pop-Ups are a good way to let people know about a contest that you are having, and provide a quick way to enter. 
  • Offer Discounts Especially on exiting your page or when the visitor tries to push the back button or leave the page. Don't abuse the pop-up offers. 

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