Prepare for Product Launch Website

Electronics at your finger tips

Pre-Launch Product This is my check list with what I try to do before launching a website or a digital product. Most of the items on the checklist will also apply to physical products. This is where you will make an early announcement, and you will create a buzz around your product.  Check List Create … Read morePrepare for Product Launch Website

Tips to Maximum Chromebook Productivity

Chromebook Productivity Tips

Tips to Navigate  The Chrome OS Launcher: the app-drawer-like interface that appears when you tap the Search key or hit the circle icon in the lower-left corner of the screen is a powerful search tool. Just start typing and you can find apps and open them or find documents that is on the PC. Power Tip: U … Read moreTips to Maximum Chromebook Productivity

Getting Down to Work With Gutenberg

Blocks are the useful way of building website posts.  Adding Blocks to Gutenberg Gutenberg actually includes a ton of different blocks, divided into different sections: At the top, you see a list of your Most Used blocks. But if you scroll down you’ll also see sections for Common Blocks, Formatting, Layout Elements, Widgets, and Embeds. … Read moreGetting Down to Work With Gutenberg

Introduction to Pixlr Graphic Design

Pixlr Cloud Graphic Design

Pixlr is a cool feature full online graphics editor. It fits in with my Cloud Based Website Development. Pixlr is similar to Photoshop, but it works very well with Chromebooks. You are able to resize graphics and edit backgrounds. All the things that make it easy to edit blog post graphics or thumbnail images to … Read moreIntroduction to Pixlr Graphic Design

Building Websites for the Future

Country Road

What does the Future look like? Websites are changing in 2018. Designers and website development is all about being module and designed so that parts can be changed without a lot of work being done to make that happen. Why is this change taking place? Some people think it is because of companies like Wix … Read moreBuilding Websites for the Future

Developing Websites Professionally With a Chromebook

Chromebook Development

I would like to share my experience developing websites on a Chromebook. I am currently using a Samsung Chromebook Plus around February 2017. This is a powerful little machine from Samsung. The reason I bought it was to see if I could use it as a development machine for website design and development. Most of … Read moreDeveloping Websites Professionally With a Chromebook

What is Your Keyword Research Strategy

Keyword Research Strategy

What is a Keyword Research Strategy and What are the Benefits Keyword research is the practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find different words and alternative words that would be beneficial to rank higher within the Search Engines. When you effectively use keyword research tools such as, The Keyword Research Planner, you can … Read moreWhat is Your Keyword Research Strategy

Creating Excellent Content

Creating Content For your website

With keyword research you are better able to determine that topic you need to write about. When you have your keywords you are also able to develop a content marketing strategy. With a content strategy you are able to organize when your content goes out and where it needs to go. … you may get … Read moreCreating Excellent Content

WordPress Troubleshooting Tips

WordPress Troubleshooting

May 12, 2018 Little Rock WordPress Meetup I talked about some of the most helpful ways to troubleshoot your WordPress Website using tips and tricks that I have gained over the years. Download my slides and a handy Troubleshooting Guide for you to download. Start on the path to become a WordPress Website Ninja!! Come … Read moreWordPress Troubleshooting Tips

Gutenberg: The Future of Editing and Best Practices

Gutenberg Talk

June 23, 2018 Northwest Arkansas Fayetteville I will be explaining what Gutenberg is, and giving some demonstrations on how it will change writing Blog pages and Pages. Also I will explain what will not changed. I will offer some tips on the best practices when to use Gutenberg and when to use a page builder … Read moreGutenberg: The Future of Editing and Best Practices

General Data Protection Regulations: Are you ready?

General Data Protection Regulations

The General Protection Data Regulations (GDPR), is the new regulation implemented by the European Union. It goes into effect on May 25, 2018. These regulations are about protecting European Citizens’ privacy. It requires websites to have a strong privacy prolicy that details every aspect collected on your website. In addition, you need to provide a … Read moreGeneral Data Protection Regulations: Are you ready?

5 Tips for SEO Keyword Research and Why You Should Use Them

5 SEO Keyword Research Tips

Why Do SEO Keyword Research?? This is part of my Search Engine Optimization Series of articles. With the series I talk about in-depth what Keyword Research is and what are the benefits. So check that out. I also discuss some tips on how managers can use SEO to gain the competitive edge. SEO Keyword Research … Read more5 Tips for SEO Keyword Research and Why You Should Use Them

Website Maintenance Tips

Website Maintenance and Design

Why Website Maintenance is Key to a Successful Website Just like any software, websites require maintenance to keeping the site working properly. Avoiding website maintenance is like not having regular oil changes on your vehicle. You wouldn’t drive your car very long if you didn’t look after its maintenance, would you? Well, the same process … Read moreWebsite Maintenance Tips

Communication of the Internet

Communication- Tech-Heaven

What is the Internet? To some it is the way to waste time. The Internet is Social Media, Twitter, FaceBook, or Instagram. Some people use the Internet to do work. Students use it to do research for homework assignment instead of the library. The Internet has countless number of uses. But the main thing that … Read moreCommunication of the Internet

Hybrid Backup Outsourced Recovery: What Does it Mean to Me?


Outsourced Backup and Recovery What does “Outsourced Backup and Recovery ” mean to me and my business and why would I want to use it? Here are some tips and pitfalls to watch out for when you try to outsource your recovery. Why would you think about outsourcing your recovery efforts? Here are a few … Read moreHybrid Backup Outsourced Recovery: What Does it Mean to Me?

Gender Gap and Computer Science Education

Gender gap and computer science

  The Report According to a new report from Girls Who Code, women in technology will decrease from 24% to 22% by 2025 if the leaders and educational system does not change causing a gender gap. Arkansas, my home state, is at the forefront in trying to make those changes happen, but the sad  thing is … Read moreGender Gap and Computer Science Education