7 Easy Rules of Web Design

February 13, 2018

What is the Purpose of Good Web Design? The purpose of good web design is to inform or educate and to persuade the audience to take some sort of action. web design

  1. Content is important, but sometimes if you have too much content on your website it may make your website feel cluttered. If you can use pictures when you can. Remember good web design is done from the visitor’s point of view. That is why you should let others test the website before launching it. Good design is understandable, interesting and easy to use. Your website should have the same look and feel across it.
  2. Taking time to design your website takes a lot more time up front, a well-thought-out website has fewer problems, is more effective, is more understandable, and easier to navigate. It will take less time to maintain the website.
  3. You need to gather site information because the content drives how the website looks.
  4. Test usability of website. People use websites and not browsers. Try to envision a real person accessing your site.
  5. Make Things Easy to Read. Take into account poor eyesight, smaller displays. Ways to fix some of these issues include:
    1. Use high contrast between text and background
    2. Use lots of white space
    3. Use larger fonts
    4. Put key navigation buttons in the upper left
    5. Avoid busy graphics.
    6. Limit page noise.
    7. Provide redundant, easily recognizable features.
    8. Limit the number of items in a group of choices.
    9. Speed is important.
  6. Proofread Pages. Validate for accessibility and compliance with W3C guidelines.
  7. Review website at least once a quarter.


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