5 Tips for SEO Keyword Research and Why You Should Use Them

March 20, 2018

Why Do SEO Keyword Research??

This is part of my Search Engine Optimization Series of articles. With the series I talk about in-depth what Keyword Research is and what are the benefits. So check that out. I also discuss some tips on how managers can use SEO to gain the competitive edge.
SEO Keyword Research is very important when you are starting out with optimizing your website to be discovered by search engines. With keyword research you are able to find out what other companies or competitors are using which can give you a competitive advantage because you are able to see which keywords are harder to get, and which keywords are the most popular search terms. You are also able to find out other words that are associated with the ones that you may be trying to get.
Keyword Research Strategy

Key Benefits of SEO Keyword Research

  • Focus Your Writing on What You Want to Write About.
  • Discover Trends and What is Popular
  • Focus Your Marketing Efforts
  • Discover Other Keywords or Topics
  • Keep Your Audience’s Interest In Mind
  • Conversion to Take Some Type of Action

Important SEO Keyword Research Tips

Increase Visibility with Keywords
Don’t force keywords that do not go together.
Sometimes we try to put words together that do not sound natural, but the words may be good words that rank well on google. But the search engines are smart enough to know when words do not belong together.
Follow A Funnel Process when developing a keyword strategy.
Remember you need to start with broad keywords and then add more keywords, otherwise known as long-tail keywords. You do this to narrow your focus and to also try to target a specific audience that may be willing to interact with you.
Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool
This is a tool you can use to plan your keyword research. It is part of Google AdWords. You have to have a Google account in order to use this tool.
Pick a Niche within Your Industry
Try not to rank for general industries such as “Web Development” or “Lawyer”. Go for keywords such as “Church website creation” or “Criminal Attorney”. Even those are too general in my opinion. The more pin point you are able to get the better you will rank.
Use Buzz Words
Find out what is happening in the world and what is popular by using Google Trends. This site will show you what is being searched for on the web, and the popularity of the search term. You can also see how popular the term is depending on the region of the world. Create content around the new trends that is being searched for. The reason is that those topics haven’t been ranked for recently.

Top Keyword Research Tools To Use

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