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Websites Are Essential for Your Business Strategy

Websites do not sale your product without using it strategically. Sit down with our team to see how we can help you begin using a Website Strategy that works. 

Custom Websites

Customer Focus
Lance Howell Web Development is an Arkansas Website Development agency that puts your website needs at ease. We design websites to get more customers. We are focused on solutions to your digital problems. I don’t think of the people I work with as clients I think of them as partners in this exciting world of internet and digital marketing and website solutions. I am located in Ward, Arkansas, which is just outside of the growing city of Cabot, Arkansas. But location does not matter in this day of brand and digital marketing. I can talk to you anytime from anywhere using or conferencing software. 
It is easy to get work done, and my job is to make you succeed in your business, and make your website known and recognized in your industry. I work with bloggers, professionals, and non-profits. No business is too small for me to develop a nice custom website that is modern looking and performs great. 

We provide a wide range of Web Consulting Services. Here are some of the services that we provide.

Website Management Services provide the business owner and website owners with peace of mind.

  • Updates
  • Security Fixes
  • Speed Optimization
  • Training on Updates

We offer a wide variety of services to audit your website and your digital life. Audits happen as you request them, and before we start working on managing your website creation. 

  • Website Audit
  • Security Audit
  • Search Engine Optimization Audit

We provide you with help and technical support to solve your problems with your website, and to provide solutions to get your website back up and running. We are your website help desk support if your company needs help.

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Services Offered

Services we offer allowing you to connect with more customers

Design and Development

I want to improve your website to gain more traffic and brand awareness of your company. I develop your website to exceed your expectation. I believe in developing your website that fits your BRAND and is modern and meets all the current standards. Our design and development starts when you first contact us by answering the Questionnaire. Once I get the questionnaire back I will schedule a meeting with you, and we will sit down with you and gather as much information as I can to determine what is the best plan for your internet journey.

Website Management

Do you want to not worry about your website? If you want your website to just work, and count on it being there for you then our Website Management Plan is for you. We can automate the website development process, and make your website more productive. We will keep your site safe and secure. Our Mission is to help keep your website working for you even when you are not working.

SEO and Social Media Marketing

Do you want more traffic or more social interaction with your customers? If you need more conversions from visitors to buyers contact me. We can advise you on your social media strategy. Find out what works and doesn't work for you. We will also set-up your website to be more search engine friendly. We can also determine why your competitors are getting ranked higher on the search engines, and determine a way to increase your visibility.

Help and Support

Do you need help with your website? I can help you with any emergency situations at a reasonable rate. I love coming up with solutions to make you happy even if you are not wanting a long-term commitment. But if you do want someone to be on call for you and to be your web department I have plans for that depending on how much help you need per month.


Most frequent questions and answers

A website is a major part of your marketing team. A well crafted website offers marketing opportunity so that you can inform your visitors about your product or services even when your business is not open. 

This depends. How often do you update your website? Have you made changes within the last year? Websites are never done. They need to be developed and then changed as styles change and technology changes. If you do not update your website or at least look at it every year or more then it is probably out of date. Call me and we will talk. I will even give you a free Website Strategy Audit. After the strategy session you can either take the notes to another web developer if you don’t want to work for me, or we can discuss implementing some of the changes. 

We do not host the website. But we do have a few recommendations of hosts that we can recommend depending on your needs and what you want to accomplish with the website. Contact us for recommendations before you make a purchase. 

No. Not in most cases. We can provide some content writing as an extra service. But the website sounds better if you are the one writing most of the content. Who is better at knowing your business than the business owner? We do expect content for at least the About Us, Services, and Team Pages if your site has those pages before we begin work on the website design. We especially want high quality photos for the website. If you need help feel free to let us know, and we can offer you advice. 

The average time it takes to develop a website is two to three days. This is for a business or personal website. The only exception is if the website is a store website selling products. These websites take anywhere from one to three months or longer for a complete build, depending on number of products. 

It may take anywhere from one month to two months to get listed in Google and to rank for your keywords. Depending on how much work I have to do and how popular your keywords are. 

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